CFU experience a brigade training day

09 Jun 2014 4:25 PM | Anonymous member

By Annette Richie, Station Officer / CFU member

I don’t normally imagine you are interested in what I did last weekend, but in this instance I’m hoping you might !!

Last Sunday I went down to the Shed for my second RFS training day.


I had a ball and learnt so much important information that I’ll need if I get called out as a CFU member in the future.

The RFS officers are constantly updating their knowledge and skills and it is important we do the same.  Basic training was only the tip of the iceberg.


This past Sunday 3 Island addresses were plucked out of the hat.  We all piled into the big trucks (my first time) and went off to find these addresses.  You will not be surprised to know that on Scotland Island, some of these addresses didn’t even exist.  It is this local knowledge that will be essential if we are called out to conduct CFU activities in an emergency. The more we know the more useful we will be.


 A simulated car crash at the top of Bell was our first stop and we joined the RFS guys as they prioritized their activities, deployed equipment and made safe the scene.  We removed the injured driver; extinguished and mopped up. While we were adjacent to the Bell CFU cabinet, the two CFU

members present did an audit of  the box. Do you know what’s in there ?  It’s your cabinet.


Next it was off to Thompson Street to a ‘house fire’.  We checked out the flammable stuff around the house that would need to be removed.  Plotted the nearby tanks as sources of water.  Checked the house for occupants, identified hazards and put out the fire and mopped up afterwards.



On to Florence Terrace to a ‘tree down over some wires’.  This again was interesting as the RFS guys talked about their priorities and procedures.  As a CFU member you might be required to clear surrounding houses with the RFS men working on the problem.

Then it was back to the Fire Shed for a debriefing and a beautiful lunch prepared by Lara. 


As I said, normally I don’t write stories about my weekends but thought this might be a good one to share.

We’ve done our basic training and are all kitted out with our amazing uniforms, now we need to keep our training up and familiarize ourselves with as many aspects of our Island as possible.  Just wearing the uniform and boots for a day is an exercise in itself!  By taking part in these monthly exercises we will become more confident living in this bush fire prone environment.

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